8 Yr old Janeth's Heart Surgery, PH

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What would you do?

Initially we wanted to help this family raise their ability to sustain themselves by essentially running a taxi service for their community. We’d purchase and donate a Tricycle, or Trike as they’re commonly known throughout the Philippines to the Dela Cruz Family.

As Claus was interviewing the family he noticed one of the kids, Janeth, was lethargic and had blue lips. After our interview he asked the mom, Evelyn, about her daughters health. She told me she had gone to a doctor and he said she needed a proper diagnosis which would cost P4000 ($80)! Making only P3000 ($60) per month made this an impossibility. 

We then realized that without our help she would most likely not live for long.

So, what would YOU do?

We took on the additional challenge to help this little girl and her family and figured it was better to do something regardless of outcome than do nothing at all. We’re raising these funds to help this family.

We need to raise $13,000 USD or $16,330 CAD.


Her condition comprises of:

- Congenital Heart Disease

- Tetralogy of Fallot

What is that?

A heart defect that features four problems.

1. A hole between the lower chambers of the heart

2. An obstruction from the heart to the lungs

3. The aorta (blood vessel) lies over the hole in the lower chambers

4. The muscle surrounding the lower right chamber becomes overly thickened

Her recommended treatment is a medication period of 90 days, which she has just started, and to repair her condition  via surgery after her medication period.

About us:

Claus G Bauer
Claus is a family man with an accomplished list of career paths. He has founded 3 non-profit organizations and developed charitable programs spanning 3 continents including Mexico, the Philippines and Southern Africa. An entrepreneur at heart, Claus started his first successful company at the age of 22 and currently owns Paradise English Boracay in the Philippines. He has had articles written about him and his work including being featured on the front page of the Vancouver Province and was interviewed by Global Television for helping homeless families in Mexico. Multiple newspaper articles have been written about his philanthropic and business acumen locally and internationally. Claus is currently studying in the Documentary Film program at Capilano University. At present he is raising funds for the Dela Cruz family in the Philippines for heart surgery and the purchase of a tricycle (taxi).

Shaun Finn
DOP - Director - Producer
Shaun has over 15 years of experience in Cinematography and has become a successful filmmaker. His work has taken him around Canada, the US, and the world. He has worked on projects for clients small and large ranging from broadcast television to corporate videos. He’s currently working on an HGTV series titled My Floating Home as DOP and Director / Producer. Shaun has also recently collaborated with The Vancouver Canucks, Sportsnet, and Budweiser that resulted in a short film rounding out a series produced about pond hockey in the interior of BC. Some notable clients include: Hockey Night in Canada, Discovery Channel, Cottage Life, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and The BC Children’s Hospital.
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Meet Mr. Hov Sokheng.

A hard working father of 5 who works at a construction site with a very low daily wage with no safety net. The salary is not enough to be able to support all his kids to attend school. Even though two of his daughters have received scholarships they had to drop out of school to help support the family.

As he gets older, he is starting to NOT be able to do his labour intensive job making him vulnerable to get laid off. Even with the 14 hours he works every day he still finds time to help the community with building needs in his free time!
Receiving a tuktuk(taxi), which would be impossible to buy with his salary, will enable him to earn more money and send his 2 daughters back to school.
Please donate to help give this family a chance to educate their children and break the cycle of poverty.
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Janet has visited Dr Lopez for a checkup and all is going well. She is waiting for the ok to head home to San Isidro. And while waiting has taken up selfie photography!!! Best Christmas gift ever, Merry Christmas to everyone!
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Janet has been in surgery for a couple hours now and probably for another 2 to 4 hours! Positive thoughts everyone!
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$16.583 da meta de $16.330

Arrecadados por 73 pessoas em 12 meses
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