Monadnock Rod & Gun Defense Fund

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Update:   Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A.org) has offered contribution matching up to $2500 for all donations to Monadnock's legal defense fund. Brent Carlton of Comm2A says "Monadnock has been a valuable partner to the Gun Rights movement and helped put Comm2A on the map with the now world infamous Porsche Shoot in 2011. We couldn't sit by and let anti-rights neighbors try to leverage a simple land dispute to try and shut down the club."

     MRGCI Sportsmen's Club is asking for your help. We have encountered a situation where a group of people are using local government in an attempt to attack our club in efforts to close us down. False allegations regarding environmental laws, in retaliation of filing a separate case involving a land dispute, have been made. For years, local individuals have been filing frivolous complaints, to the extent they were instructed by the local authorities to stop making these calls to police, and are again creating false accusations about land use and wetlands impact.
     Similar actions have been seen at other locations in New England in attempts to shutdown ranges. While the laws in NH strongly shield ranges and are in our favor, it is imperative we mount a substantial legal defense, which will command significant legal fees. This is of course the main goal of the false allegations. They anticipate draining our resources will force the club to shutdown.
    We have retained legal counsel for our defense over the past months and the cost is taking a harsh toll on our small club. We are only a 300 member cap club with a low family membership cost. As this will likely be a long process, the financial pressure continues and exceeds our memberships ability to sustain.
     To join us in this fight, we greatly appreciate any donations. We continue to share our club, providing a venue for great experiences for both membership and the public. A substantial portion of our year consists of hosting public events, many of them fully funded by the membership, and there is no charge for participation.

- Hosting open 3D archery events
- Annual children's fishing derby since 1947 offering a stocked pond, free food and prizes
- Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation events for the physically challenged several times per year
- Scouting events hosting
- Fundraising events for military veterans groups
- Donations and time to local TEAM Jaffrey
- Hosting NHF&G hunter education courses with instructors all being long term club members
- RWVA Appleseed event hosting
- Close ties with American Legion John Humston Post in Jaffrey, NH
- Open public small bore rifle competitions.

     We have contributed to the community for the past 71 years and hope to be able to continue doing so. Please help us make sure there are many more years of community leadership ahead. Thank you for any support you may provide.
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$9.610 da meta de $100.000

Arrecadados por 149 pessoas em 5 meses
Criada em 3 de agosto de 2018
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