89-year-old Minneapolis woman's house vandalized

After living in the same house for over 50 years, Frances Mosley home near Lake Nokomis has been vandalized six times in seven months.  

We believe the same person has come to house breaking several windows on the front, sides and back of the house. They’re targeting Mrs. Mosley and doing this purposefully under some kind of agenda.

We were the FIRST and still one of the only Black families in the neighborhood to this day.  The police have said it’s either a vendetta, somebody who’s had a negative interaction with the family or racial terrorism.

The damage to the home has now cost her and her family more than $2,000. Finding some of the glass to replace the window has been difficult, so some of the windows are still boarded up with plywood. 

The vandalism has been reported to Minneapolis police on every occasion but because this is considered a property crime, it is not considered high-priority by MPD. 

Details of the last incident captured here: Fox 9 News article 

I have installed several cameras, lights and shatter alarms since the vandalism started, but the vandal keeps coming back.  The repeat nature of this crime has really increased the financial burden on our family.

Please help us raise the funds to:

Repair and/or replace the following:
2 lower wood sash (single glazed with wood stop)
2 lower sash combination storm windows
5 glass windows
5 window screens
Rear screen door

Make the following security improvements:
10 window glass vibration shatter alarms
2 outdoor motion sensor alarms
6 landscape lights

Money will be transferred from the fundraiser to an account setup in Fran's name to distribute the funds to installers, vendors and repairmen.

On behalf of Fran and the Mosley family,

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Sean Mosley (Fran's son)
Minneapolis, MN
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Sean Mosley 
Minneapolis, MN
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