Help me to pay my loan

Hello Guys,

My name is Gui Bruges, I am from Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal.

I was owner and manager of my company called
Azores 38N, and it last from june of 2015 to june of 2020.

I was the only employee of the company and the company was about touristic experiences, but in private, because my target was always to make people have the best moments on their trips in a fun and relaxed way.

I started this business with a loan from the bank, and slowly, step by step I was making it grow. Of course, during the way I had some bad luck and I had to turn it around and get over it, but I did it.

The year of 2019 comparing with the year of 2018 was a bad year, the sales fell, but I still could survive, but the sales to 2020 they start growing up fast, and almost everyday I was getting reservations. So, I did start my business with a 18 year old jeep, 7 seats, a vehicle that could take my clients to place where they couldn't be without a local guide and 4 wheel driving car, and affraid of the old jeep wasn't capable to survive the 2020 year, in november os 2019 I bought used and very spacious car.

I went to the bank, I ask them If I could add increase my loan to be possible to get a better car, not a new one, but a better and comfort one, and that's what I did, the bank approved and my loan got from about 12 000€ to 20 500€.

The year started really good, I had the best business january and february of my company, everyday I was receiving reservations and the business was going better than ever... but than came COVID-19 and destroy my business... from a lot of reservations everyday, I got a lot of cancellations, and my business got ruined...

Due to the situation the bank granted me moratorium on my loan during a year, and now that year is almost finishing... I lost my job, my livelihood, and if I didn't have the help of my parents and girlfriend I would be starving.

Once more I am trying to turn it around and get over it, with a help of my parents I did start on june 2020 a course about an area that I love too, technical specialist in physical exercise that will last at least untill end of this year. Also I am trying to do some part time job to try to get money to pay my bills, but the Covid-19 destroyed so much the economy here on the island that so far I didn't get anything...

I am trying to sell the car that I bought, but so far nobody showed interest in a Spacious van... but I will still try to come back to the surface.

My only request is help to pay this loan, or at least big part of it, otherwise my life, from april, will get even harder.

Anyway, I appreciate any help.

Thanks, enjoy life!

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