You helped us preventing eviction from the land

So, we made it, ... thanks to you, and you, and you. Money came in through many different ways and what was short we managed to borrow. Against interest but eeh, at least we can stay here. We are sooo happy. We hope to welcome you one day at the 'State of Being', Algrave, Portugal.

Sakshin, Charlotte and the horses

who we are in short:
We are a small horse sanctuary with 5 rescued horses, Flame, Maya, Divina, Luciano en Rocky and 2 human beings. Ever since Sakshin and Charlotte were children they both wished for a live in nature together with horses. They joined forces and started in the summer of 2019 to organize holistic walks with the horses. 

why we do what we do
Walking with a horse is a total different experience than riding one. Also it is in no way possible to compare this with walking a dog. Walking a horse asks you to be alert and present, to communicate clearly and kind. By being with them and walking with them they show us where there is inner work to do. Their gentle souls, their big hearts and their impressive appearance helps us to ground, get into our hearts and connect us to the core of our feelings. That we are able to facilitate these walks, gives us a deep feeling of gratitude, every time a guest bursts of joy or is moved to tears by what they are experiencing with the horses. We want to be of service to this earth by helping people to truly stand in their own power, and (re)gain the trust in themselves to be able to life a live of fulfillment and connection with themselves, others, nature and her animals. 

what we do:
We offer 2 hour horse walks in our area and 5 day journeys where we walk with the horses through the beautiful nature of the South West Algarve. We stay on private lands on wonderful locations in tents. At night we share our experiences of the day and cook on fire. In the mornings we wake up with the sunrise and the sound of eating horses. Sounds lovely he? Looking forward to meet you and your loved ones one day. No horse experience is needed to participate in these walks.

Covid notice; Although there might be a travel ban on public roads, we will still go on our walks. We only walk through nature on dirt and gravel tracks where the virus doesn't dare to come.


"We had a wonderful experience with Sakshin, Charlotte and the horses. It's a great way to learn more about yourself and also just a lovely walk in a beautiful place with the horses. You learn a lot about yourself and your style of communication walking with the horses. It really made me reflect on my style of leadership and I've learnt some valuable lessons that I'll take home. Thanks a lot, guys!" - Walter

"A wonderful experience that’s quite unique. In our group of five we had very different levels of ‘fear’ of horses. Sakshin and Charlotte did a great job of helping each one to find his/her own way of engaging with ‘our’ horse. We all left happy, feeling that we had connected in a new way and learnt something new. Highly recommended." - Karolin

"This is a must do for anyone that is visiting Lagos! The afternoon was magical, hearing the stories behind these beautiful horses rescue was incredible and being able to walk with them in the afternoon sun is memory that we will never forget! Thank you so much Sakshin!" - Cara Lee

"Sakshin and Charlotte have created something very special here and I am so grateful I booked the experience. Charlotte explained to me that being with a horse can be considered a type of meditation. One must be present and aware but maintain a sense of calm. My horse Flame saw through me immediately - someone who has trouble saying “no”! I can’t recommend this experience enough. Thanks so much Sakshin and Charlotte." - Tina

"Wonderful, amazing experience. The horses were beautiful and characterful. It was great to connect with them and share a walk. I definitely felt in sync with Rocky (my horse) by the end of the walk. Beautiful, wise creatures that bring out the best of you. Worth mentioning, I have never been close to a horse before in my life and I was able to walk with one for an hour!" - Emanuela

"What an enjoyable and interesting way to spend the afternoon! I loved getting to know the horses, all with different personalities and quirks. I learned the proper way to handle horses while having a lovely walk with Luciano, one of the babies. Just like a toddler in his terrible twos, he can be a handful but oh so entertaining! It's an inspiration how the lives of the horses have been transformed. I wish all animals could live in perfect peace and happiness like Sakshin's beautiful family of rescued horses." - Resa

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In Portugal you can send your donation to bank account J.B.E. de Groot - IBAN: PT50 004571934031130787926 - SWIFT: CCCMPTPL

In Nederland kun je doneren naar: J.B.E. de groot - IBAN: NL10INGB0007634613 - SWIFT: INGBNL2A 

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Sakshin De Groot 
Barão de São João, Ribeira Brava, Portugal
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