Help Hugo by funding his Master's degree abroad

Current campaign goal: Raise 4500€ before (1̶5̶ ̶J̶u̶n̶e̶ ) 12 July 2021 to pay for the first-year tuition fees.

Hi! My name is Hugo Frazão and I'm a Portuguese student who recently graduated in Engineering. I got accepted into JEMARO one of the best masters in Advanced Robotics .
Unfortunately, I am not able to afford it on my own and I did not get a scholarship that covers the full study costs. It is my dream to be able to study in this programme, as it is one of the best in the Robotics field.
I'm already a happy person just because you're reading this but I would love if you could donate to make this dream come true.

If you could help me, I would be forever grateful to you!
Hugo Frazão

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This fundraising campaign has four stages hence the 26260€ amount:
Stage 1: Raise 4500€ before (1̶5̶ ̶J̶u̶n̶e̶ ) 12 July 2021 to pay for the first-year tuition fees.
Stage 2: Raise around 8000€ throughout 2021/2022 to support my second year living costs whilst living in Poland.
Stage 3: Raise 1500€ by June 2022 to pay for the second-year tuition fees.
Stage 4: Raise around 10000€ throughout 2022/2023 to support my second year living costs whilst living in Japan.

(See full detailed table with living costs at the end of this post)

Proof of acceptance:

57339025_1622495035409098_r.jpegDetailed description:

From an early age, I've worked during my summer holidays in my father's auto repair shop to learn about mechanics. I then decided to enroll in a professional school to study Mechatronics to gain more in-depth knowledge in this area. Thanks to this course, I developed a more profound interest in robotics after my final year project, which consisted of assembling a tricopter integrated with a microcontroller to work as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

As part of my path in pursuing a science and technology career, I joined a two-year technical course in Automation, Robotics, and Industrial Control (ARCI) that allowed me to learn new concepts related to robotics and automation. After finishing this course, I joined an undergraduate degree in Automation, Control, and Instrumentation Engineering (ACI) in which I stood out in the area of robotics and automation. During my bachelor's, I had the opportunity to travel to Tianjin in China, to receive short-term intensive training in automation and robotics for a future project in my university called "Luban Workshop" which was building a workshop with Chinese automation and robotics systems. Afterward, I got selected to compete at the "International Tournament of Automated Assembly Line Installation and Testing" in China. 

In both degrees, I had close contact with robotics and so I decided to apply to JEMARO (Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics), a programme that allows me to study in the best technical university in Poland (Warsaw University of Technology) and in one of the most prestigious universities in Japan (Keio University). This programme can provide me with a high-quality education and the technical knowledge that I need to pursue a career in Robotics.  

There is no doubt that robotics and mechatronics will stand out in the near future, as the robot revolution is quickly taking over the market and changing the way we live our lives. As part of my ambitious and inquisitive personality, I am always looking for experiences that will allow me to gain more knowledge, and I put a lot of time and effort into my studies. In summary, I feel that all my studies and projects have led me to this opportunity, and being a part of the JEMARO programme will be the best experience for me and my career. 

I’m fundraising because in April I was accepted in the programme but I couldn’t get the scholarship that covers all the costs (Airplanes tickets, tuition fees, and living costs) making the programme far too expensive for me to afford it on my own and therefore I need financial assistance to continue with my studies. I have already contacted both Portuguese embassies, scholarship programmes, and big companies related to robotics but no help was offered so far. If I wish to confirm my acceptance in the program.
More information about the JEMARO programme can be found at: 

Once again, thank you very much for your help!


Detailed table with full living costs:


  • Monica Jeronimo 
    • €60 
    • há 2 meses
  • Anônimo 
    • €5 
    • há 3 meses
  • Daniel Gois 
    • €100 
    • há 4 meses
  • Anônimo 
    • €50 
    • há 4 meses
  • Anônimo 
    • €50 
    • há 4 meses
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