Help Jana Restart Her Acupuncture Practice

Hello friends.  Like many of us, I have taken a big hit financially since the pandemic started.  It is a very humbling and difficult place to be.  And it is with so much humility that I ask for your help.  

So here is the situation:  
I was in the beginning stages of building a new Chinese medicine practice in Lisbon, Portugal after making a big move from the US.  It was going well, albeit slowly, as things tend to go here in Portugal.  But after being closed for two months during the first lockdown last Spring, my business never recovered.  I could no longer afford to stay in my apartment in Lisbon so my cat and I have been on an adventure bouncing around from one place to another since then.  Luckily he is a good sport!  Also lucky I have many amazing friends who have been incredibly understanding and helpful in this crazy time.  :)  

Just this month I am finally in my own space again, in a small village about three hours north of Lisbon.  It is quite wonderful here and I am so grateful and happy to have found this situation.  

Now that I am feeling more stable, I'm ready to begin setting up a new practice here.  But I am without excess funds to kick start this process.  The first thing I need in order to get things going is to be mobile, so I must buy a car.  In my current living situation it is absolutely necessary, unlike when I was living in the city.  

My plan is to begin to offer house call treatments first, then work from there to establish a location for a new practice.  I am asking for help to purchase and insure a cheap car and to buy a few necessary supplies, then my hope is that things will begin to fall into place from here.  

I know we are all experiencing our own level of stress due to this new worldwide pandemic situation. My hope and desire is to not only alleviate some of my own stress but also to offer my services to my greater community, helping  people better handle their stress and other health concerns.  I would be so grateful to anyone who has a bit extra to share to help me get going!

Thank you for reading.  :)
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