Help Sheldon the Kitten Get Major Surgery

Hello! We are Meg and Natalie and we'd like to ask for your help.

We adopted an 18-month-old tabby named Sheldon on January 27th, 2021. We knew that Sheldon was FIV+ and that he was deserving of a loving home regardless. On Sheldon's first night with us, we noticed that he breathed heavily and had coughing fits. We called our vet and made an appointment for him to be seen. Our vet thought that Sheldon had pneumonia, so he went on antibiotics. After a week, Sheldon's coughing fits decreased, but we still observed heavy breathing. So, back to the vet we went! Again! After a chest x-ray, our vet informed us that Sheldon has a diaphragmatic hernia- which means his diaphragm is separated and his organs are able to be inside of his chest cavity, not allowing his lungs to fill up properly and causing respiratory distress. Some cats can live with this condition without any major issues or symptoms, but at any point in the future, it can have dire complications such as his bowels becoming twisted or increased respiratory distress leading him unable to breathe at all.

We were told that it will cost several thousand dollars for Sheldon to have surgery. In the next week, we will be seeking out surgeons who can help Sheldon and requesting estimates for services. 

Would you like to know a little more about Sheldon?
- Sheldon loves to play! However, we've been advised to refrain from engaging in play with him because of how heavy it causes him to breathe. Sheldon is only able to play for a few minutes before he gets out of breath and has to stop.
- Sheldon likes to watch community cats from the safety of his perch during the day.
- Sheldon likes to snuggle in bed after his nighttime zoomies.
- Sheldon likes to scratch at the bathroom door and then run away when someone opens it.
- Sheldon likes to jump up on the kitchen counter to watch his dad make coffee in the morning.
- Sheldon genuinely likes belly rubs. He'll only use our hands as a toy sometimes, most others he rolls over for pets.

How can you help?
- Donate if you're able to- it's okay if you can't!
- Share Sheldon's gofundme! Anywhere! Everywhere!
- Check out the online shops of Sheldon's parents, Meg  and Natalie 
- Contact Meg , who is organizing an online auction for Sheldon, to donate products/art/services
- Let us know if you know of any grants we can apply for (we've been looking)

For direct donations:
Venmo: @meg-potoma
Cashapp: $megpotoma

Thank you lots,
Meg, Nat, & Shelly

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