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Prisma art association COVID-19 alert!


Prisma is a greenhouse for today’s generation of contemporary art. Situated in the heart of Lisbon, our non-profit association is dedicated to helping creators hone their talent and ply their gifts to build a better future for society at large.

Since 2019 Prisma has been providing opportunities to local and international artists based in Lisbon by giving a home for visual arts, music, performance, writing and any mix of medias. A short recap of Prisma's activity thus far:

- Collaborating with more than 60 artists
- Hosting over 30 Sunday Salon meetups
- 14 exhibitions
- 9 workshops
- Art Residency Programs
- Performances & Poetry-Sessions
- Arts & Craft Markets
- Music Video Sessions
And many more cultural events for the benefit of Lisbon’s burgeoning art community.

In these trying times, however, with income channels cut off due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic and no response to our applications for government aid, our very existence is in peril. We simply do not have the capital necessary to maintain ourselves during the next two months. 

We need 1.800 Euros to cover rent and bare bone utilities and services to make us last through April, when COVID19 restrictions will hopefully be loosened, the world will regain some health and sanity, and we can continue supporting ourselves and keeping our doors open to you.

A breakdown of the costs:
Rent: 750 EUR (per month)
Bills: 100 EUR (per month)
Obligatory accounting services: 50 EUR (per month)
Total monthly cost: 900 EUR

Total for 2 months: 1800 (plus the 5% gofundme fee) 

We believe art can make a difference, and we provide a hospitable platform for artists to learn how to use their skills to bring a meaningful change to the world, and paint a brighter tomorrow. Fusing a philanthropic approach with a veracious motivation to educate, we aid in elevating the content of art from the entertaining to the enlightening, and shine a beacon of awareness through some of the ignorance that plagues the world of today. We work with unrepresented artists, promote an inclusive environment that is open to new voices and ideas, and we make this process available to all, whether a life-long artist, a fledgling neophyte, a seasoned viewer or a random layperson.


We turn to you for help in getting us through the next months of lockdown, and continue providing a place for art and people to come together. Prisma is financially depleted, and after applying to every fund and grant we could approach we are sadly disillusioned by how little support is given to the cultural sector.

you can visit our IG for updates through this link 

By giving what you can, you will allow the seed of art to grow for the future of us all. Thank you for helping the arts in Lisbon survive <3

*Each 5 euro donation grants a yearly membership (hoping and believing we'll make it that long).

  • Yung Ramen 
    • €20 
    • há um dia
  • Ranieri Dos Santos 
    • €10 
    • há um dia
  • Anônimo 
    • €5 
    • há um dia
  • Anônimo 
    • €15 
    • há um dia
  • Rod O Galês 
    • €40 
    • há 2 dias
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