Raising the Youth, Help Kiranyi School


We are Joana and Benedetta and we are volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania.
54797488_1614783405729377_r.jpegHere we teach English at Kiranyi Primary School. The school has approximately  900 children.  Unfortunately, 850 of them can´t afford the light meal that the school provides. They spend the majority of the day without getting any food. This happens because the parents are not able to pay for it (21€ per year per kid) due to challenging home situations and to the poverty of the area. 
On top of that, around 250, of them are extremely poor and most of the time don't even get food at home. 

Our primary goal through this fundraising is to guarentee that, during one year, each of these 250 children can have, at least, one meal per day at school. 

Once we have covered the meals of these children, we would like to improve the infrastructure of the school. It´s inadequate for a healthy environment and for them to spend the majority of their day over there. 

54797488_1613900013209781_r.jpegThis is the condition of the floor from one of the classrooms. 
54797488_1613900038615573_r.jpegThis is the condition that all of the school's blackboards.
54797488_1613900066873233_r.jpegThese are the walls. They don't go up to the ceiling, so children can constantly hear the other classrooms and the noise from other kids playing outside.
54797488_1613900086440708_r.jpeg54797488_1614783454875968_r.jpegThe classrooms do not have any protection from the rain. During the rainy season there are daily torrential downpours and most of these classrooms flood with water and the students and staff are unable to use them. 

These conditions make it extremely challenging for students to get a proper education. With a small effort, we can reverse their reality and make a relevant difference in their lifes. 
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Joana Beja Falcão 
Santiago do Cacém, Santana, Portugal
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