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There are so many people around the world that have felt the love of Maestro Flores, either directly or indirectly. Many have visited Mayantuyacu to heal and learn. Even more have been served his medicine by students spread out around the world. The Mayantuyacu "plantenna" is far and wide, and at it's source is a humble teacher, his family, and the many workers needed to keep the healing center running year round.

When the pandemic swept the globe, Peru was hit hard. The spread of Covid-19 cases in Peru is severe, including Pucallpa, the nearest city to Mayantuyacu. The country has been in lock-down since late March and respite is not in sight.

We are asking you to help support Mayantuyacu while it is shuttered due to the pandemic.  Maestro Flores is the guardian of the sacred boiling river that flows through Mayantuyacu and he is a protector of the Amazonian rainforest. The plants teach us gratitude and humility, and now is the time to put these teachings into practice by giving back to Mayantuyacu. Funds raised will help the center cover monthly costs and sustain Mayantuacyu's role in nurturing and protecting the surrounding forest. Mayantuyacu is critical for the world's healing. I can't stress enough how important it is to support the centre and Maestro Flores through these times. Please give what you can, and if down the road you can contribute again, please do. We will keep the campaign open for as long as they need it. I know Maestro Flores and the Mayantuyacu team are incredibly grateful for your support.

In faithful service to the plants,

Jim Sanders
Director - Tonkiri

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: I have been a student and friend of Maestro Flores & Mayantuyacu for 15 years and they have given me their blessings to run this fundraising campaign. All funds raised are deposited into my personal account and I am forwarding them to Mayantuyacu via Western Union when requested. Junior Encalada is receiving the funds in Mayantuyacu's name and dispersing them accordingly. Once again thank you so much for your support.

Maestro Flores singing the Chacruna Icaro 

Maestro talking about Faith 

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    • $50 
    • há 15 horas
  • Nadeira McNally 
    • $100 
    • há 10 dias
  • Mr. Miyagi 
    • $142 
    • há 10 dias
  • Danielle Schlosser 
    • $20 
    • há 12 dias
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    • $20 
    • há 12 dias
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Jim Sunday 
Winnipeg, MB
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