Triathlon & Cancer

Hello, I'm Marco from Portugal, I'm 47 years old and I have Lung Cancer.

In July 2018 I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer after a coronary CAT scan.

Every year I was subjected to strict medical/physical exams for being an amateur triathlon practitioner. That summer, the Sports Medicine doctor advised me to add one more exam (CAT) to the usual echocardiogram, stress test, analysis, ..., because of age and family history of high blood pressure. The examination (CAT) revealed that everything was fine with the coronary arteries but showed that there was a suspicious mass in the right lung. Between that day and the diagnosis, with a battalion of complementary exams, including video bronchoscopy, passed +/- 1 month.

Since September 2018 I have already did: a surgery, to remove part of the tumor, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiosurgery and now I’m doing a treatment using pills – ALK+ inhibitor - that I will take until the end of my life. In other words, the hope of being able to eradicate the disease has dropped considerably, and I started to consider it as a chronic disease.

On the 1st night I spent at home after the surgery, I set myself the goal of doing triathlon again, or better yet, completing an Ironman. This goal is not to prove anything to myself, but to be able to one day help others with the same disease that I have, and other people who need attention and affection and do not have it, and who suffer from withering, with forgetfulness almost inevitable in these circumstances. A reference in life sometimes works like a lighthouse.

There is a very strong desire to win, almost like a competition. And to win is not to beat myself, it is not to beat my expectations, it is not to reach goals in itself, it is to give something to all those who suffer from cancer (and other diseases) that they can cling to. And if I can do this to one person, then my goal is achieved!

This trip will only be possible considering it as a profession. So, I am looking for a partner who wants to be associated with this purpose, investing in a unique project, in which the objective is to be able to inspire others with similar illnesses to do so as well.

  • Mafalda Cunha 
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  • Susana Tiago 
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  • Pedro Martins Barata 
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    • há 2 meses
  • Rita Tinoco Dray 
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  • António Duarte 
    • €1,000 
    • há 3 meses
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Marco Amorim 
Senhora da Hora, Santa Cruz, Portugal
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