Vegan-Hills fire relief fundraiser by Vegoa

The Vegan Hills community was devastated by the biggest wildfire in the local history which ripped through the Algarve from Friday 19th - 21st June 2020 

Many members of the community had lovingly created off-grid homes which have been totally destroyed by the fire. Many have also lost their infrastructure for solar power and water. Many have lost all or most of their possessions. The experience has been deeply traumatic.


We urgently need your help to cope with our devastating loss and to rebuild our community and support those who have lost everything. Our priority now is to rebuild at least one of our ruins to serve as a new home for members who have lost everything. After this disaster the burnt landscape needs human help to regenerate. Without this intervention the land will never recover by itself, as it is now a hilly desert and the first winter rains will flush the topsoil away.

Vegan Hills aims to be a model of sustainable and ethical living. The long-term goal is to lead by example and inspire others to live with deep compassion for animals and to live in harmony with the environment. One of our community's dreams is to reforest the land we own with indigenous trees which will reduce the likelihood of wildfires in the future and create a haven for wildlife. We also plan to create a visitors' centre to share the experience of eco-vegan lifestyles and educate others. Please help us to overcome this serious setback.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated xxx


P.S. Here you can also donate via paypal and normal bank transfer: 

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