Veterinary costs for Mia the boxer

*Mia update*
So yesterday I had an appointment at the vets as I wanted Mia to have her bloods taken and tests done to check on her health (which is what we normally do when a dog in such poor condition is taken on) ... Unfortunately the news was not good .. She has chronic kidney failure and has been admitted straight away to the clinic. Further tests revealed she was slightly anemic, which I was already aware of, and she almost certainly has Leishmania.. Today further tests will be carried out to find out what has caused her kidneys to be so bad. If it is just an infection that is good news. If, however it is a naturally progressing thing it is not so good. They need to check for tumors too. The Leish is not so worrying, as although incurable it is manageable with the right treatment. As you can all imagine all of this treatment is not going to be cheap. Yesterday alone was 140€ and each night at the hospital is a further 60€, (she needs to be there at least 48hrs, but most likely longer), then on top of that if anything else is then discovered there will be even more costs.
I wasn't planning on setting up another fundraiser so soon but she is such a lovely dog and after the awful life she has had up until now I really want to help her. She actually is only about 4 or 5 years old so has a lot of years still to live. She also had no microchip so if she had once had a nice home there is no way of finding out.
The vets are going to try and keep the costs as low as they possibly can but have estimated her treatment to be between 350 to 400€ (depending on what else they find).
Therefore I will set up a Go fund me for her. If anyone could donate anything, even 1€, every little bit will be a massive help.
Thank you all so much and I will post regular updates as soon as I know more.
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Louise Coppin 
Aldeia dos Palheiros, Penedono, Portugal
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