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3095001_1536545324993998_r.jpegLife can change in a split second!  It did for our 18 year old son.   Our son, a vibrant, athletic, tall and handsome young man innocently jumped into a foam pit at a trampoline park on January 7, 2017 and broke his neck and suffered a life altering spinal cord injury. As his mother it has been the hardest thing to witness. I remember counting his toes, fingers and checking every inch of his healthy body when he was born before finally holding him close to me knowing he was perfect. 18 years later, just as he was starting to venture out in to the world on his own with a goal of becoming  a firefighter life changed and he is now considered a quadriplegic.  Shortly after his accident Landon started to explore and research from his hospital bed medical trials and came across one which was being conducted by the University of Miami. The FDA approved trial involves injecting Schwan cells into the injury site. The hope is that the Schwan cells will aid in reconnecting the nerves below the injury site; giving patients back some or much of their mobility.     We are thrilled to report that Landon has been accepted into the trial and will begin baseline testing October 15. As a participant Landon will live in Miami for 10 months.  Although his accommodations will be paid for, his living costs and the cost of a health care aid are not covered.  I have reached out to a health care provider in Miami who has indicated that the cost for a live-in aid will be $250 per day or $95 per hour for a nurse (which he will need two hours per day). Although we plan to stay with him for as long as we can, one or both of us has to work. The goal of this GoFundMe campaign is to shore up Landon’s bank account so he can stay focused and committed to the trial and be taken care of in our absence. The cost just to have an aid could be over $75,000 US. We are an average Canadian Family with a dwindling savings account and no formal pension plan to look forward to so sourcing $100,000+ in a year is impossible and we need your help. Landon has a dream of being on the Ellen show and I can see him dancing down the stairs with her. Participating in this trial is critical and I know Landon's success will help 1000's of others who will then be given the opportunity to have this procedure done immediately following a spinal cord injury.  This will be life changing! If you are able to and are willing, please consider making a donation. Our family wishes to thank you in advance for your support, prayers and donations. The Smith Family Please follow Landon on Instagram at @landonclarksmith 
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Over 60 items have been collected for the silent auctions and we have six live auction items which we are excited about.

We look forward to sharing the final totals from tonight with all of you.

Thank you again for your support and for sharing our campaign. $31,000 has been raised as of today.Thank you for helping us on our journey
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It's becoming real! In only 24 days Landon an his good friend will board a plane to Miami to begin the next phase of his journey.

Although exciting, I'm filled with a host of emotions. Gratitude for all that has been done and raised thus far for our family; anxious because in 13 days we will host the final fundraiser - Going the Distance With Landon dinner and auction and scared that we will fall short of our goal.

Although I am certain the fundraiser will be successful, we need to sell a few more tickets. If you were thinking of joining us on September 22 at the Clarion Hotel in Sherwood Park (attached to Millennium Place) I would like to ask you to go on line before Wednesday and purchase tickets. As with all events the hotel requires numbers in advance to prepare the room and food so please click on the following like and get your tickets:

Remember that when you sponsor a day in Miami for $350 you get two tickets to this event for Free!

Tomorrow Landon and I will be participating in a News Conference so watch your local news or tune into 630 Ched on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. to hear more about Miami and what is being done to change the way trampoline parks are operated, managed and staffed.

Thank you once again for following our journey and for supporting us as we travel this road of uncertainty.

The Smith Family
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17 days until the GOING THE DISTANCE WITH LANDON fundraiser and dinner.

We are excited to announce we have received a weeks stay in Victoria, a Condo in Canmore, Diamond jewelry and high tea for 40 for the Live Auction.

I would like to once again invite you to join us on Sept 22 at the Clarion Hotel in Sherwood Park. Ask your friends, your boss or your neighbor to join you!
ticket are only $100 and include a hypnosis show by the legendary Wayne Lee, dinner and so much more

Update on Miami:
We have secured an appartment and have some upfront cost we have to cover and will hire an aid once we are in Miami and know how much money we have to work with. Landon is looking forward to flexing his independence and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Landon will start with a week of baseline testing followed by a minor surgery to harvest a peripheral nerve out of the back of his leg. He will then workout with the team and on his own until his surgery on Feb 5, 2019 which means he will officially be two years post surgery.

Brian and I are driving the almost 5000 km to Miami with Landon's truck and some furniture for his new "crib."

Landon will fly out Oct 1 or 2nd and will travel with a good friend who is also staying with him for three months.

With only 20 days to pack and get ready for the next part of this journey we are feeling the pressure.

We are grateful for the team who have stepped up to raise money and support our family.

We appreciate your support and hope you will consider joining us.

Buy tickets at: buy tickets.at/gothedistamcewithlandon

The Smiths
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As the days get shorter and the weather begins to change, we are getting excited and are a little nervous about Landon leaving to participate in the trial.

Landon was able to raise $3500 from the private sales event held by Sherwood Park Chev. We have applied to the Bockman Foundation to help offset the remaining costs associated with modifying Landon's truck so he can once again get behind the wheel. I for one am looking forward to the day he can get in and drive to an appointment or just cruze!

Thanks to you we have raised over $23,000 so far and are excited about the upcoming fundraiser being organized by friends and family.

The dinner, auction and conversation with Landon will be emceed by Wayne Lee and will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Sherwood Park on Sept 22.

We would like to invite you to join us at the "Going the Distance with Landon" fundraising dinner. Tickets are $100 per person, however when you sponsor a day for $350 you receive two free tickets to the event.

There will also be plenty of items to bid on in the silent and live auction which we will share with you shortly.

Click the link below to purchase your ticket early as we are only selling 250 tickets.

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$92.200 da meta de $100.000

Arrecadados por 146 pessoas em 9 meses
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