Medical Fund for Derek Mielke

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When I met Derek back in 2010 on the Parkway North pool deck, probably during a dreadful Fly Friday, I remember thinking of him as driven, funny, and a guy everyone enjoyed being around. He proved to live up to these initial observations both on Parkway Swim Club and throughout his time on Truman Swim Team. Putting in hard work day in and day out together, swimmers become like family, and that’s exactly what Derek is to all of us.

Derek recently was in a very traumatic, life-altering accident. He broke his neck, which left him with paralysis. Derek is fighting toward recovery each day. The medical bills and physical therapy bills will be extensive, not to mention possible future needs such as transportation, accommodations made to his home, etc. There may be unknown needs that arise in the future, and we will provide frequent updates to this page regarding what those needs may be and Derek’s progress.

Derek is a strong person, but he needs us. And his family – Kim, Darrell, Megan, Kaitlyn and Laura – needs our love and support. Every single dollar counts. We know that when we all work together, great things are possible. If you’re unable to donate, please share his story and send any positive healing vibes/prayers Derek’s way. #MielkeStrong #bulldogstrong
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Hi guys!!
I just saw Derek and he’s looking good! This facility is truly remarkable - Derek is in the Hand & Arm Lab, and where he does his therapy has a perfect view overlooking Lake Michigan. Since he’s only been here for a few days he’s mostly just been getting evaluated, but he is eager to truly start his P.T. He got a power wheelchair today, so he’ll be zoomin’ around the whole building before we know it! :)
Thank you all so much for your continued love and support #MielkeStrong #bulldogstrong
lookin good dude
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Hello Derek’s Supporters — just wanted to give you all an update!
Derek is doing well, he has been moved from the ICU to the TCU and is completely off oxygen. Mid-next week he will be heading to either Chicago or Denver for 3 months of inpatient rehab and he’s going to have to be air lifted out—expected to be quite the expense for his family.
Please continue to share and donate if feasible! Thank you so much for your continued support - it is not going unnoticed ❤️ #MielkeStrong
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$41.645 da meta de $50.000

Arrecadados por 531 pessoas em 2 meses
Criada em 1 de julho de 2018
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