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Vincennes is Indiana's first city with a population of around 18,500 residents.

With the growing popularity of skateboarding, BMXing, and scootering; the time for a bigger and better-maintained skatepark is needed now more than ever before.

Lester Square Skatepark (our current skatepark) has been in use for over 12 years. Over the years, low maintenance, rust, and weathered riding surfaces have made the Lester Square Skatepark nearly un-rideable. Bolts loosen and fall out, never to be replaced. Sharp edges from the metal ramp panels cause extremely dangerous riding conditions. The loud ramps annoy the neighboring community and it's an eye sore to look at. Within the next 5 years, without the proper maintenance, the skatepark will be completely unusable.

Why we need something new: For years, Vincennes has focused more of its recreational funding and community support on attractions such as walking paths/trails, tennis courts, playground equipment, and swimming pools just to name a few. These attractions see use from park patrons everyday, but our younger city park users are dwindling as video games are taking our youth by storm. Obesity is one of the United States biggest health issues ( 1 out of 3 children are considered obese or overweight). With the rising popularity of skateboarding, scootering, rollerblading, and BMXing, a new skatepark would entice our youth to put down the controller and find a new, heathier alternative. 

Vincennes beautiful city parks welcome many local patrons every day. There are far too many forgotten parks in Vincennes that deserve recognition and use by new patrons from all over the county. Most of our city park attractions can be found anywhere, in any town, all across the US. It's time Vincennes brings a new attraction to the city, an attraction that will bring new, out-of-town users to Vincennes. A public, concrete skatepark is exactly what is needed and it will directly impact the areas local business and economy.

Here's how: The current layout and ramp selection at Lester Square is very common and can be found in several towns and cities within a 50 mile radius. If we offered an original concept, concrete skatepark, Vincennes would be the only city within 60 miles (Terre Haute) with a public, concrete skatepark. A new, concrete public skatepark will bring traveling visitors to Vincennes to not only use the skatepark, but to eat at local restaurants, buy from local business, gas stations, hotels, etc. These are visitors who otherwise would never visit Vincennes. It's been proven to work, and this is a great opportunity to welcome new visitors to our beautiful city and to boost our local economy.

Why concrete?: Concrete skateparks are proven to last longer and are much easier to maintain. Our current skatepark ramps are metal and plastic. Heavy usage causes the ramps to bend, break, and fall apart. The weather causes rust and extremely unsafe riding surfaces. Concrete is smoother, quieter, lasts longer, and it's extremely easy to maintain. We are currently working with world-class skatepark design/build firm, Hunger Skateparks (Bloomington, IN) to make this a reality. 

How much will it cost?: As with any project, the cost is the biggest issue. The goal of this GoFundMe is to raise funding through individual donations, to raise awareness, and to gain support so we can make this a reality. There will also be donation boxes at select drop off points all over the city. We are currently planning fundraising events for the remainder of the year. We are also working with the Tony Hawk Foundation and will be applying for state and federal grants to complete the design and construction of the new skatepark. 

Events: Local skate events, skate contests, and professional skateboard company demos will also play a big factor in the benefits of the new skatepark. With the support of our local skateboard shop, Homebase Skate Supply, we can welcome nationally known professional skateboarders to the city of Vincennes. Events and contests at the new skatepark will bring in revenue for the city, the Parks Department, local food vendors, and our local businesses as well. To sign our petition, please click here.To join the Vincennes Skatepark Advocates, click here.
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This is the proposed design for the new Vincennes concrete skatepark.

The designers at Hunger Skateparks worked closely with the local skate community to design the best skatepark in the area. After brainstorming and putting our ideas onto paper, we came up with a skatepark design that suits anyone of any skill level.

The skatepark features street obstacles (ledges, stairs, rails, manual pads, flatbars, and curbs) as well as standard skatepark obstacles (wide quarter pipes, banks, hips, hubba ledges, a china bank, euro gap, and a bowl section). We also featured some unique skate obstacles including a skate-able centerpiece sculpture.

The estimated cost for this design to be constructed is $275,000. Any donation of any amount will help this project become a reality soon enough. Please share and show your support for the new skatepark project.
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Come out to Vincennes City Hall on July 27th at 7:00 P.M. for our first public design meeting for the new concrete skatepark in Vincennes. Designers from Hunger Skateparks (Bloomington, Indiana) will be working with us to design the new skatepark. Everyone is welcome to come share ideas, give input, and show their support. Bring your friends and family and show your support for this project. This is a huge leap forward and we couldn't do this without support from the city of Vincennes, the local community, and most of all, you! Come out and let's make this happen together!
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For those who missed it, here's the WTHI News coverage of the new skatepark project. Thanks to Garrett Brown from WTHI and Dillon Byrer for helping with the video interview. We'll be posting more info regarding the design date next week.
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We officially hit the drawing board in three weeks. We will be working closely with Hunger Skateparks (Bloomington, Indiana) to design a skatepark for anyone of any skill level. We will be holding public meetings to discuss design ideas with anyone who will be using the new skatepark. This is a huge leap forward and an extremely important step in this process. I will keep everyone posted on dates for the public design meetings. If you want your voice to be heard, I expect to see you at these meetings.
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$850 da meta de $260.000

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